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broadcast audio online

Blog Talk Radio is a platform that will allow you to get started Podcasting with little to no investment, fancy equipment, or technical know-how. It can work for anybody that has a computer, a microphone, and a way to talk.

Think of what it would be like if you could get started with your own podcast in less than one hour and get your message out for the entire world to start listening. Learn a few simple processes and you can start immediately, whether you want to “go live” or record your message.


There IS Definitely a Technical Part of Podcasting That Nobody Really Tells You…

You’re thinking that you’re confident enough to talk or interview people in public. And so, now you’re ready to get started. broadcast audio online

but how do you record your discussion, your interview, or your report?

Then, it’s a podcast…so, do you put it on your website? How do you make it available for other people to hear?

Oh, and yes, It’s a podcast…so it goes on iTunes. Sure, but how do you get it on iTunes?

You’ve probably Googled or gone to YouTube looking for blog posts and articles on “how to get started podcasting” or “easiest ways to get started podcasting”. And about halfway into the article, you realize that it’s not so easy at all to get started with a podcast.

And then you’ve probably heard some of the people who are doing it…sharing their message. Surely, they can’t all be super technical, right?

In fact, many of them aren’t and have learned a “back door” to be able to podcast effectively, consistently…with the ease of turning on their computer.

Yes, they know something that other people who want to share their message don’t know.

And you can know it too…

What you’ll discover in this 23-part video course:

  • Getting Started on Blog Talk Radio
  • Setting Up Your Account
  • Setting Up Your Branding
  • Creating Your Show Description
  • Creating Live Audio
  • Creating Recorded Audio
  • Uploading Existing Audio
  • Doing Interviews
  • Taking Callers and Doing Live Chats
  • Repurposing Your Content
  • Analyzing Statistics
  • And Much, Much More
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21 Aug 2017
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