Discover How To Overcome Your Addiction And Live A Better Life. This Guide Will Show You How To Create A Plan For Overcoming Your Addiction And Staying Clean In The Long Term!

When you are suffering from an addiction, it can feel like your entire life is out of control and you have no power to stop yourself from using again and again. When you are addicted to something, it can also feel like you’re completely alone and have nowhere to turn.

These are all common mindsets for someone who has an addiction to any substance, whether that is food, cigarettes or other tobacco products, alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs and even sex. But neither are you alone in your addiction nor do you have to be a slave to addiction for the rest of your life.

That’s exactly why this book exists.

  • Chapter One: What is Addiction?
  • Chapter Two: The Addiction Cycle
  • Chapter Three: Reasons People Fail at Overcoming Addiction
  • Chapter Four: Make a Commitment to Quit
  • Chapter Five: Your Pros & Cons
  • Chapter Six: Identify Your Triggers
  • Chapter Seven: Make a Quitting Plan
  • Chapter Eight: Prep Your Environment
  • Chapter Nine: Seek Professional Help
  • Chapter Ten: Surround Yourself with Support
  • Chapter Eleven: Handling Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Chapter Twelve: Celebrate Your Success
  • Chapter Thirteen: Track Your Progress
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09 Feb 2016
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